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Zana Dillard
Zana Dillard
Operating Partner, Team Leader, Buyer & Listing Specialist
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Hilary Spencer
Hilary Spencer
Closing Coordinator

The process a Dillard & Company real estate agent goes through to sell your home.

Before our expert Atlanta real estate agents walk out the door to go to an initial listing appointment they have already done between 10 to 15 hours of preparation for the appointment. For instance, the home’s sales history is brought up. Neighboring properties are researched to see if comparable homes have been sold, expired or are currently listed. They look at an aerial view of the property to determine its surroundings as well as personalize and customize their presentation to the price range and location of the home.

Once this preliminary work is completed, our expert Atlanta real estate agents meet with the potential client. This takes anywhere from 4 to 15 hours depending on, interruptions and distractions, the home and the client. This consultation usually involves significant work by our expert Atlanta real estate agent. For instance, itemizing the details of service the client can expect, walking every room of the home and making a To Do list for the homeowner to get the property in show ready condition. Before leaving, the agent will schedule a second appointment to insure the homeowner is comfortable with next steps.

Then more work back at the office. Expect your expert Atlanta real estate agent to take the information about your home and compare it to other similar properties in your area. This takes between 2 and 8 hours to compile what is known as a Competitive Market Analysis. Through this process your expert Atlanta real estate agent will determine an appropriate price range in which to list your home.

Following this fact-finding effort, your expert Atlanta real estate agent will meet with you a second time. This time the agent will discuss the conclusions of the Competitive Market Analysis. At this point the agent has worked for between 18 to 38 hours on the project. An expert Atlanta real estate agent will secure 3 in 5 listings for which they present.

Once a property has been listed with our expert Atlanta real estate agent, a listing file is prepared. This information includes property surveys, current property taxes, association documents, statements concerning the condition of the property along with a detailed formal description of the property for marketing purposes. Additionally, your home will be photographed by a professional photographer requiring about 10 hours including the editing of the photos.

Next your expert Atlanta real estate agent must promote and market the property. Your agent will invest a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to promote and market a specific property depending on price range. Further, the average showing takes 1 hour, an open house takes 4 hours, with 1 to 2 hours of preparation. With all this the agent has put in somewhere around 30 to 35 hours in the effort to prepare your home for sale.

When an offer is generated your expert Atlanta real estate agent will spend time with you to explain the offer, help you decide how to respond, help with the negotiation process in an effort to secure the most money possible for your home. This process can take only 2 hours or it can stretch out to days in some of the more difficult negotiating scenarios.