Real Estate FAQ’s

We’ve assembled answers to questions often asked by our clients, whether in the market to buy or to sell Atlanta luxury homes. Armed with this information, you can approach the decisions inherent in a real estate transaction and feel confident that you have a clear understanding of the important issues.

    What factors affect real estate value in the Atlanta luxury real estate market?
    There are several factors that determine the value of Atlanta’s luxury real estate. Design, amenities and ‘curb appeal’ affect value, but a critical factor is the topography of the land. Homes with large backyards that are flat, usable and private command the highest prices.
    When purchasing real estate in Atlanta, must the client’s relationship to their broker be disclosed to all parties to the transaction?
    Yes, when purchasing a home in the state of Georgia, the relationship between brokers, buyers and sellers must be disclosed to all parties to the real estate transaction. Dillard & Company’s consultants will be happy to advise you on which agency relationship best fits your situation.