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Marietta was established in 1834 and today it is acknowledged as a bustling community where the current residents take advantage of the metropolitan opportunities all the while enjoying the small-town atmosphere. There are fabulous restaurants, antique shops, lovely parks, original Victorian homes and historic sites for residents and visitors to experience. Over the past two decades, Marietta has experienced a population increase of approximately 40%. Some of the many attractions you will want to check out:Downtown Square – Considered the heart of Marietta here you will find a mix of historic redevelopment and new development of residences and commercial establishments. Glover Park – Donated to Marietta in 1852, this fun-filled park is now the stomping ground of many great festivals, musical performances and a charming place to enjoy an afternoon picnic. Marietta National Cemetery – Over 10,000 Union soldiers graves are situated here. The national cemetery was established with high hopes of restoring good will between the north and the south. Marietta Confederate Cemetery– Over 3,000 Confederate soldiers rest here after Marietta officials determined that the Confederate dead should not be buried near the Yankee dead. Marietta Museum of History – This museum includes the city’s elaborate historical collections of documents, photos and artifacts. William Root House – Here visitors can experience how a working class family lived in the 1850’s. Theater in the Square – Recognized as one of Atlanta’s finest theaters, this 225-seat theater in the square hosts fabulous productions and great talent.

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